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A Hosting Option for Almost Every Budget

Data Center

The base of every subscription at MacStadium is the hosting plan (a server's connection to the internet as well as other resources in the datacenter). Without a hosting plan, our servers would be inaccessible from the internet. All of our services are offered on a monthly basis so you'll pay for that hosting plan every single month you have an active subscription.

Hosting Plans

We offer two hosting options for Mac minis. Elite, our most popular plan, provides your server with up to 1000 Mbps simultaneously up and down (

Our second hosting plan is the Pro hosting plan. Pro hosting allows for up to 100 Mbps up/down at the same time (see our the Pro hosting speed tests). While not as fast as Elite hosting, we suggest Pro hosting for anyone with budget restraints or who does not need to do regular large file transfers to and from servers at MacStadium. You will pay $20 less per month by choosing the Pro hosting plan; money you could put towards an external USB drive for backup. You're also getting the same rock-solid reliability as the Elite hosting plan (learn how to quickly switch between hosting plans). 

No matter which hosting plan you choose you'll get the following features at no extra cost:

  • Uncapped internet ports (no bandwidth restrictions (according to our TOS))
  • 1 Static IP Address (more available for $2 each per month (block purchasing available as well))
  • Bandwidth and network graphs for monitoring
  • Active DoS & DDoS protection by Arbor TMS
  • Free 24x7 remote hands support

For the budget-minded, you likely won't be considering a Mac Pro (unless you have a big budget; if so,
). The Mac Pro is available with Elite Quad hosting which offers, you guessed it, four 1000 Mbps network ports (the Mac mini only has one).

Budget-Friendly Mac mini

The lowest-cost Mac server we have available is the Mac mini for $59 per month. That mini features a Dual Core Intel i5 CPU, 4GB of memory, and a 500 GB hard disk drive (

Many of our largest customers started out with a single mini that fit their business’ budget at the time. Once they realize the potential for a remote Mac server as part of their business model, they take advantage of our simple support-assisted upgrade process or subscribe to more Macs. As your budget increases, it’s easy to scale up your business on Mac hardware including moving to a more complex solution after discussing options one-on-one with an engineer. 

). Taking advantage of the free trial, you'll be able to quickly test out the capability of your first Mac and verify our the capability of our network. But what if you still can't afford the $59 per month option?

Colocation and Mac Servers

Your budget is tiny, but you still need access to remote Mac hardware. It’s a tough situation but you're in luck if you meet the following criteria:

  1. You already own a Mac mini
  2. You’d like to host your Mac mini in our datacenter

If you meet the criteria, send us your mini and we’ll host it for you while you pay for just the hosting plan; nothing else. Selecting the Pro hosting plan would bring your subscription to the small sum of $34 per month (send us your server today). If you find Pro hosting isn't quite fast enough, Elite is just $20 more per month. Here's a great tip: new customers planning on sending in a mini for colocation can use the free trial to test out the hosting before shipping a mini to us. 

Colocation means you can store your Mac mini in our datacenter for less than it would cost for our lowest-priced MacStadium mini subscription. Plus, you'll have access to your Mac anywhere in the world at all times with a blazing fast connection. It will probably even be safer here considering the physical and network security we have in place at MacStadium. We'll troubleshoot your machine for you and offer a MacStadium machine to use temporarily if your personal mini has a hardware failure.


We don’t believe there’s a better alternative for accessing a dedicated Mac mini in a datacenter on a budget.

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