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A New Help Portal for MacStadium Customers

MacStadium Help Site

Frequently asked questions are the most popular form of help one can provide customers. Today, we're releasing a new dedicated Help portal with built-in search for our customers and others new to Mac hosting. 

Since 2012, we've had a "FAQs" page at MacStadium. It's grown steadily over time with content as more developers have become interested in dedicated Mac hosting. Unfortunately, that growth caused the FAQs to reach a point where management on the existing platform was time-consuming. It's time for a new backend and home for this resource.

MacStadium Help is designed to answer questions first and foremost. At the top of the page is the search bar just like at Google. You can enter questions or relevant terms and a set or results will appear for review. 

For example, let's say you recently signed up for a Mac mini with our 100 Mbps Pro hosting plan. After a few days, you might decide it's not fast enough so you search for "change hosting plans" on MacStadium Help.

MacStadium Help Portal

Before you even finish typing you should see a result that describes how to upgrade from Pro hosting to our Elite hosting plan from your account dashboard.

MacStadium Help Portal

On that page, you might also notice that there are related articles. By quickly navigating to the related article in the above example, you can learn how other subscription features like external storage for backups and extra public IP addresses for new virtual machines can be added. 

This new dedicated support site is meant to provide a quick resolution tool, without putting barriers in your way. You won't need to wait for reply from a support agent and can instead find answers to common questions here first. 

As we continue to answer questions and solve problems for customers on a daily basis, we're constantly finding fresh content to be added to the site as well as new solutions to old problems. We'll be staying on top of this site from today forward to make sure you have the best experience possible with Mac hosting at MacStadium. If you have any questions or feedback about the new MacStadium Help portal, let our team know at

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