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Apple’s Big Announcement is Here


"It's been way too long." That’s the cryptic message Apple sent out a few weeks ago as a teaser to its big announcement made today. Industry gurus began speculating accordingly as to what would be revealed, but now that the mystery is officially out of the bag, everyone is scrambling to respond. That is, everyone but a few of us. Those who follow Apple closely—MacStadium included—anticipated the announcement and are ready for action. So, Apple announced the OS X Yosemite operating system and a new faster, more robust Mac mini.

We are a unique group in that we created a dedicated data center facility specifically for enterprises and businesses that embrace the Apple Mac hardware platform and/or Apple OS X as their computing and IT platform of choice, and that are also looking for a flexible and cost-effective hosting solution. Simply put, we care about all things Apple, and about our customers who depend on the Apple platform for their business-critical activities.

With Apple’s announcement, MacStadium is ready to immediately support the new operating system as a predefined option, meaning customers will have the ability to request Yosemite on both dedicated servers as well as private cloud services. In fact, our proprietary instant activation of new dedicated servers will support the new operating system, rather than having to wait for manual provisioning. Existing customers will have the opportunity to automatically upgrade their servers to the new operating system via the Apple app store, and receive free remote assistance, if necessary, via MacStadium’s unparalleled technical support and customer service. Our “always on” dedicated Apple servers are capable of running all versions of OS X—Yosemite included—as well as many other operating systems.

We also predicted Apple would make some changes to the Mac mini, which they did, and we’re ready to support it, too. Touted as the world’s most energy efficient host, the Mac mini will begin shipping today featuring faster 4th generation Intel Core processors, Intel Iris and HD Graphics 5000, and PCIe-based flash storage. Mac minis will be available for month-to-month or annual dedicated server subscriptions with instant activation as soon as Apple begins fulfilling volume orders. What’s more, our current customers will have the ability to upgrade from their 2012 generation Mac mini to the new Mac mini hardware as necessary, as soon as it is made available.

Rest assured that we at MacStadium are ready for these improvements and are here to support our customers with this important transition.

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