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Our New Site-to-Site Networking Docs Guide Img

It’s a very exciting time at MacStadium. While we have always provided some measure of technical guidance to inform our customers’ use of MacStadium resources, we are undergoing something of a cultural shift toward the espousing of increasingly opinionated guidance in the interest of maximizing the value and ease of use of our Mac private cloud environments.

To support this initiative, we have recently expanded our Mac private cloud Site-to-Site Networking documentation to include specific setup instructions for the interconnecting of a MacStadium environment and a second cloud environment on AWS, Azure or Google Cloud.

Our aim is to simplify the inclusion of MacStadium’s macOS-specific computing resources in complex, multi-environment CI pipelines that may only require a portion of the workload to be executed on a Mac.

Regardless of which of the above platforms you wish to connect to, the process consists of four high-level steps. First, you will need to prepare the third-party platform to make the connection. Then, you will need to prepare a configuration file for MacStadium’s Cisco firewall. After that, you will upload the config file to the firewall and finalize the connection. Finally, you may elect to check your network connection, and of course, troubleshoot if needed.

If your needs extend beyond the scope of the above third-party cloud providers, we have also recently acquired a seasoned “DevOps coach” who is uniquely suited to easing your implementation woes.

Feel free to contact us for special guidance, general inquiries or further resource information through our contact page.

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