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Installing Daylite Server onto remote Mac mini


By having your own remote Mac Mini server hosted at MacStadiums colocation facility you open the door to limitless applications and uses. Looking at the trend in small business functions, many owners and managers are looking to have full control over their own remote services such as email servers, web hosting and now database management.

It is obvious that in today's day and age there is a need to constantly be connected to ones job from literally anywhere in the entire world. Fortunately, there are solutions that making doing so much easier than once possible.

The topic of todays blog update is just that: how to install and access a Daylite server by Marketcircle from literally anywhere in the world from your own MacStadium server!

Daylite is a low profile but powerful software package that will allow you to have visiblity and management into ALL aspects of your business -- to find out more about this software, follow this link here.

MacStadium offers the most competitive Mac Mini colocation hosting options for applications just like Daylite in regards to both functionality AND price (our services with your Mac Mini (or subscription!) cost literally FRACTIONS of what it would cost to run a standard Xserve server or colocation setup!). With our true 100 mb/s network connections you can be sure that there will never be a delay with accessing any of your remote servers and databases.

To install your Daylite server its REALLY simple -- all you need is your MacStadium server and a few minutes to download, install and configure your server following the steps in the video below!


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