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Hosted Mountain Lion Server Part 13: Contacts

Mountain Lion Server

Running your own contacts server can be something you may want to do especially if the privacy of your contact data is important to you. In Mountain Lion Server there is a built in contact service that allows you to set up your own private contacts cloud to keep your contact data in sync across your various devices. Setting this service up is very simple in Mountain Lion Server and doesn't include too many configuration options. In this screencast I will walk your through the process and cover:

  • How to set up and start the service.
  • How to open TCP ports 8800 and 8843 in your firewall to allow access to the service.
  • How to set up your client machines to use the service.
  • What the service looks like and how it works on your client machines.
  • How to set up accounts so you have shared access to a contact list.

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