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Hosted Mountain Lion Server Part 14: Messages

Mountain Lion Server

Instant messaging and the use of services like iMessages is something many companies like to have but they also like to manage the service itself. With your hosted Mountain Lion Server you have a messages service built in that you can configure and control to suit whatever your needs are. In this screencast I cover the Messages service including:

  • How to set up and start the service.
  • How to archive your messages on the server.
  • What layer of security and cross server interaction you want to set up.
  • How to open Public & Private TCP ports 522, 5223, 5060, 5269, 7777.
  • How to open Public & Private UDP ports 16384-16388.
  • How to set up your client machines to use the Messages service.
  • How your groups can communicate with one another using the messages service.

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