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Hosted Mountain Lion Server Part 15: VPN

Mountain Lion Server

Secure connections are something most of us think about today especially since we spend at least some of our time on unsecured public wifi networks. A VPN connection can create an encrypted connection to keep all of your data safe. Built into Mountain Lion Server is a VPN Service that allows you to connect to the internet through this connection. 

In this screencast I cover how to set up your own VPN service. I cover:

  • How to choose what type of VPN to set up (PPTP or L2TP)
  • Setting up a range of local address that your VPN Service can use.
  • Setting up your password and shared secret.
  • How to open the public & private TCP port 1723 and UDP ports 500, 1701, 4500.
  • How to set up your clients to use your VPN service.
  • How to connect and disconnect from the service on your client machine.

MacStadium also provides managed VPN Service via our Cisco ASA service add-on.  Beyond basic firewall functionality, the Cisco ASA managed service can be configured to allow for remote access VPN as well as site to site VPN at no additional cost.