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Hosted Mountain Lion Server Part 17: Time Machine

Mountain Lion Server

Back ups are something we all need to do and make sure all of our client machines are doing to protect our data. In addition to local back ups it is a good idea to have remote back ups as well. Built into Mountain Lion Server is Apple's Time Machine Service that does incremental back ups of your data so you can, in effect, go back in time and retrieve any data you may have accidentally deleted or want to restore. 

With Time Machine you can back up client machines over the air making back ups more convenient. In this screencast I show you how you can use Time Machine with your remote server hosted at MacStadium. One thing to keep in mind is bandwidth can slow your back ups down and they take a while so this might not be the solution for everyone. You also want to test your back ups regularly to make sure they are working and haven't become corrupted. With that in mind I cover:

  • How to set up the service including choosing a back up volume.
  • How to configure your clients to use the service and connect to it.
  • How to monitor who is backing up and how much data you are storing on your server for back ups.

Most users at MacStadium also subscribe to a USB Hard Drive from us for Time Machine backups of their hosted server. With this in place, we can easily perform a restore of your mini at any point in time (typically an hourly snapshot is in place via Time Machine) to another Mac mini server in case of hardware failure, or user error. This restore service is included with all subscriptions as part of our complimentary remote hands service.


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