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Hosted Mountain Lion Server Part 18: Mail

Mountain Lion Server

One of the benefits of hosting your own server at MacStadium is being able to host your own mail server. Built right into Mountain Lion Server is a Mail Server that can handle the email for your domain. When you set up mail it is important to remember to request PTR records from MacStadium for your server's host name so email will be routed properly and accepted by other servers. You can do that by sending an email to support requesting the records with your hostname. In this screencast I cover:

  • Setting up your DNS for the mail server including machine and MX records.
  • Opening TCP ports 110, 995, 25, 465, 143, 587, & 993 in your firewall.
  • Configuring the Mail Service in Mountain Lion Server including spam filtering.
  • Configuring your remote clients to use the Mail Service.
  • How to test the mail service including understanding greylisting and how to disable it if necessary.

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