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Hosted Mountain Lion Server Part 19: Website Server

Mountain Lion Server

Many people want their own server to be able to host their own website or multiple websites. Built into Mountain Lion Server is a Website Service that allows you to host multiple websites and does all of the routing internally to the proper address. In this screencast I cover how to set up the Website Service including:

  • Taking a look at how the default website built into Mountain Lion Server functions (reminder: DON'T delete this site or it will cause problems with your server).
  • Setting up your DNS for each of your websites so they function properly.
  • How to set up the Website Service for each of your websites.
  • Opening TCP ports 80 & 443 in your firewall to allow access to your websites.
  • How to test your websites to make sure they are working and getting through to the proper domain.

Some users also like MAMP (the Mac version of LAMP Stack) for more advanced Web Site hosting services on OSX.  MAMP includes a simple Graphical User Interface, and w/ Apache, MySQL & PHP.

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