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Hosted OS X Mountain Lion Server Part 10: File Sharing

Mountain Lion Server

File sharing is one of the basic services we all expect from a server. Having access to our files and folders from anywhere on whatever devices we are makes sure that we are never without the documents we need. In this screencast I cover how to set up the file sharing services on Mountain Lion Server. In the next screencast I cover how to access those files and shares from a remote computer to show you how this works in a hosted environment. Here are some of the things I cover in this screencast:

  • Setting up different folders as shares.
  • Using permissions on each of the shares to make sure only authorized users have access to it.
  • How to set up shares for different services like AFP and SMB.
  • How to create a home folder for a user on the server.
  • What each of the settings in the File Sharing Service do.
  • How to open TCP ports 139 and 548 in your firewall.

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