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Hosted OS X Mountain Lion Server Part 8: Profile Manager Set Up & MDM

Mountain Lion Server

One of the benefits of OS X Server is the built in MDM (Mobile Device Management) service called Profile Manager. Profile Manager allows you to set up profiles for all of your Macs and iOS Devices and manage them from a web based interface. Each device is visible through the interface and you are able to create settings for each machine, each user, or user and machine groups that will push profiles to those devices to make the changes take effect. It really is a great way to manage many devices at once and since it is in a web interface, you can manage your devices from anywhere. In this screencast I cover:

  • What needs to be in place for Profile Manager to work.
  • How to set up the Profile Manager Service within the Server App.
  • A basic tour of the interface you use to manage your users and devices.
  • A basic overview of IOS Mobile Device Management (MDM)

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