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How to setup a Mac Server as an MDM using Profile Manager

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A while back, we offered a free month with a Mac server to our customers if they'd like to write up a tutorial or review. We're happy to receive this post from Joshua Jung about managing your mobile devices in the cloud using Apple's own MDM solution.

The tutorial in front of you will introduce you to Apple’s very own MDM solution, called Profile Manager. Few people actually know it exists, and that’s really sad: Profile Manager provides an impressive feature set, is easy to use, rather stable and — above all — very affordable at 19,99$, included in the macOS Server package you may have seen before in the Mac App Store. Along the steps of this tutorial, you will configure a Mac server to support Profile Manager, install all required software and enroll your first device.

It's a well written article that walks you through all the steps, including the setup of a free SSL certificate, and much more. Take a look at the article here

Thanks for the great post Joshua.

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