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How Travis CI Halved Boot Times for OS X and iOS Testing at MacStadium

Travis CI

Continuous integration is at the forefront of the agile software development movement. Travis CI is one of the best examples of a company succeeding in the continuous integration space with a variety of free and paid, open and closed source platforms for users of all sizes. MacStadium worked with Travis CI this past spring to launch a scalable private cloud for their OS X and iOS build jobs on dedicated Mac hardware.

With VMware vSphere on bare metal Mac hardware and EMC VMAX SAN for storage, Travis CI has halved boot times for OS X and iOS build jobs for customers in just five months on MacStadium’s private cloud offering. Many of the millions of current iOS developers are now able to test new iOS builds of our favorite mobile apps faster than ever on Travis CI at MacStadium.

We’re releasing our case study to tell you all about it! We invite you to learn how our relationship with Travis CI has strengthened their business model and how they created a repeatable, managed private cloud environment at MacStadium for enterprise clients using our dedicated tools and expertise.

Travis CI isn’t the only great SaaS organization using MacStadium. There are many interesting and unique organizations taking advantage of our unique Mac-centric Infrastructure-as-a-Service platform and we want to tell you about all of them in the near future. Learn how Travis CI halved boot times for iOS and OS X builds at MacStadium.

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