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Installing Mountain Lion VPN and Firewall

Mountain Lion

If you desire to 'lock down' your hosted Mac mini in MacStadium, there are a variety of solutions available from our managed firewall services using Cisco ASA to other lower end software solutions which can be implemented at no cost!  Please find the following tutorial which describes some of the most common base practices for a self managed no cost solution:

1) Utilize an encrypted VPN tunnel to connect to your mini across the public Internet. 

2) Utilize an advanced firewall program like IceFloor to only allow thru specific traffic.

There is an assumption made that you have already purchased, downloaded and installed the OS X Mountain Lion Server 10.8 via the App Store (Cost: $19.99 USD) purchaseable here.

We will also be using Hanynet's FREE IceFloor graphic frontend for packet filtering, but please note this is DonationWare --- essentially that means they provide free software and in turn ask for donations, so please consider that! You can download IceFloor at this link!

Please watch our video below on how to setup and configure your VPN and allow access via firewall configuration!

Also, if you do at any time lock yourself out of your server (hey, it happens sometimes!) do not freak out! Log into the MacStadium Control Panel and use the Power Management feature to reboot your server and you should regain entry. After you try this, if you're unsucsessful, contact us for assistance on getting you back in! Remember, this could happen as you're limiting what network access can access -- but we are here to help you!

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to respond to this post or email us at  



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