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Introducing the New MacStadium Customer Portal

MacStadium Portal

We have listened to your feedback on our current subscriber dashboard and we are excited to announce the all-new MacStadium Customer Portal.  In an ongoing effort to give you the best tools and make working with MacStadium easier, we've made significant investments.  The new MacStadium admin portal is available now if you'd like to check it out.  It will be officially released on 2 October 2017.

What's in the new portal?

You'll notice a totally redesigned interface with some exciting new features:

  • Let your whole team log in with multi-user, multi-role access
  • Use the subscription index to manage multiple subscriptions
  • Secure confidential tickets and files with new security features
  • Work faster and more simply with a designed-from-scratch UI

Want to look around?  The new portal is ready.  Just  log in with your existing credentials. 

Check it out here:

Multi-user, multi-role access

Your account can now have multiple team members, each of whom can have a specific role (Admin, Tech, or Billing) and specific login credentials. You can add team members by going to your Team Members page through your account settings menu:

Team Members Menu

Click the Roles tab on your Team Members page to see what permissions each role is granted within your account.

Team Member Roles

Manage subscriptions and servers

Subscriptions Page

All of your subscription and server information lives on your Subscriptions page. Clicking a subscription brings up its details. Here, you can:

  • See your subscription details
  • View and subscribe to Add-Ons (if available)
  • View Analytics data for your server (if available)
  • Change your payment method and download billing statements (if available)

Your server actions also live here, under the orange "Actions" button, where you can reboot your server or turn it on or off:

Actions Menu

Secure tickets and files

If you’re sending us a note with sensitive information (like a password or IP address), make sure you check the new “Contains Sensitive Information” checkbox. This prevents the note from being included in plain text in any email notifications – team members must sign in to view it.

Sensitive Info Alert

Additionally, if we need to share files containing confidential information (IP Plans, screenshots, log files, etc.), our team can send them securely via the "files" section of the portal:

Files Menu

There's more!

A couple other, non-obvious features we’d like to highlight:

  • Each view has its own URL so it’s easy to share a link to a specific view, ticket, or page
  • Filters and sorting help you easily find the ticket or subscription you’re looking for
  • Your subscriptions index view is saved to your browser so you can pick up where you left off the next time you access the portal

We encourage you to click around the new portal to see what else is new. More upgrades are always in the works - if there’s something you’d like to see, please let us know

Thank you for using MacStadium!

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