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iOS Dev Jobs and the Best Places to Find Them

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The past year has changed the job landscape in many ways. With everything from COVID-related layoffs to new remote work opportunities, you may be on the hunt for a change. To help you on your search, we’ve assembled some great resources for finding your next dev job. Have a resource to add to this list? Let us know! And if you're hiring, post your listing in our new MacStadium Community Slack #jobs-board channel.

Dave Verwer’s iOS Dev Weekly

If you aren’t subscribed to Dave’s iOS Dev Weekly newsletter, you’re not just missing out on great iOS jobs, you’re also missing a hand-curated list of the best iOS development news and resources every week. It’s a favorite of our team, and if you haven’t subscribed yet, you should! Read the latest edition here.

Stack Overflow

The classic developer job board, Stack Overflow is developers first, promising that you’ll never receive recruiter spam or see fake job listings. They also have nifty search features, allowing you to search by perks (including great engineering culture, or visa sponsorship) or background, making it so you can find the perfect job no matter what you’re looking for.

iOS Dev Jobs

A simple and easy job board where you can sign up for a weekly newsletter that will get it delivered right to your inbox (they promise just jobs, no spam). For job posters, it promises an incredibly targeted audience of iOS developers who are actively seeking new opportunities.

GitHub Jobs

GitHub needs no introduction among developers and we know you’re using it all the time (just like many MacStadium customers, including Homebrew). It makes sense that an integral piece to a developer’s life would have one of the best job boards for developers, no matter what your specialty is. They have some of the best postings, so be sure to check them out.

Authentic Jobs

Authentic Jobs is the leading job board for designers, developers, and creative pros. They’ve been around since 2005 and have worked with a myriad of organizations like Squarespace, Twitter, and Etsy. As a leader in the hiring space, their goal is to help developers and creatives find new opportunities - whether that be a web developer, software developer, or software engineer (or any other sort of creative job).


Geared towards all types of professional acceleration, they tout being able to put job opportunities in front of you for every stage of your career. Dice lets you pick jobs based on remote option, employment type, and even employer type (such as a recruiter or direct hire) - and they even have an easily apply button, like LinkedIn.

While the hunt for a new job can be very overwhelming, regardless of where you are in your career (and regardless of a pandemic), these are some of the best sites that can help ease that experience. And for even more developer jobs or the best ones we see, join our MacStadium Community Slack. You can post your jobs there and we’ll post some of the best we find, too.

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