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DevOps World | Jenkins World San Francisco began with an exciting announcement of adding Google's Tekton as a key organization/technology. The Google Tekton lead developer was in the opening keynote, starting at about minute 49:

The addition of Tekton, a pod-based Jenkins equivalent service meant only to run in Kubernetes, makes the new "DevOps World" moniker appropriate. As expected from a new service, there were not many talks on Tekton, but there were a lot of live demos for those at the conference. One of the few talks with some Tekton in it was on Jenkins X by a CloudBees employee, and it was packed with those of us who knew Kubernetes. Even though the talk was very light on Tekton code, I thought it was still a really solid overview.

Another two really interesting things that should be pointed out...

First, there was a great talk on testing methods in Kubernetes, in the appropriately titled "Continuous Integration Testing: Fully Test your Microservices Application, Early and Often" actually presents three separate testing methods for Kubernetes! I would have personally been happy with one, but kudos to Google Cloud for going the extra mile!

Second, the oddly named "The Software Factory" discusses a really interesting code promotion strategy in use by Dell. The method is to use GitHub and automated testing to promote to named repos - so "Gold" would pass all tests, "Silver" would pass most tests, and may be suitable for customers. The promotion strategy is automated and uses free software. Substitute in your favorite technical bits for the elements in his presentation that your organization varies from. (For a one-slide summary, check out minute 39)

Best trivia talk goes to "Database DevOps - It is Possible!" The talk is solid, but the issue is we've all solved the problem of databases in CI/CD at this point. However, this problem haunted me in the beginning of my career and her solution is interesting:

I would be remiss if I didn't point out our Orka demo - where we hook up Orka (Orchestration with Kubernetes on Apple) to a Jenkins master using the MacStadium-built plugin live on stage. Chris, Taylor and Ivan from our development team do an excellent job with the demonstration:

For those interested, the full playlist with the 50 talks is now available on YouTube.

About the writer:

John Cabaniss has been in the high-tech space for over 20 years. He has lead DevOps implementations or migrations at numerous Fortune 500 companies, including Morgan Stanley, Equifax, and Rockwell-Collins. John's original degree and initial jobs were in physics (similar to many on Google's Kubernetes development team!). His previous positions include the technical staff at Los Alamos National Labs and a research scientist at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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