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Kerio Connect: Better than MS Exchange


IT Managers are learning more and more about the benefits of hosting an Exchange Server via Windows Server installation on a dedicated Mac Mini. It's no surprise that many have created unique solutions with robust features that drastically reduce IT cost, improve stability, and provide cross-platform compatibility. Occasionally, we come across these solutions and discover a "nugget" that goes above and beyond our expectations....

...Meet "Kerio".  

Kerio Connect

Kerio Connect is the award-winning alternative to Microsoft Exchange for businesses and organizations that prefer a simple approach to IT. Kerio mail serverbrings business-class email, shared calendars, and contact management to email clients, web browsers and mobile devices while at a fraction of the cost and IT overhead. Setting up Keiro along with administration and maintenance is a breeze. So focus on your business, not on downtime and unexpected cost.

Understanding the dedication of system resources is crucial as you prepare to setup your own email solution. Let's take a look at Kerio vs Exchange:

comparision table

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In addition to the lower requirement on system resources is the benefit of saving on IT maintenance cost. Keiro Connect has been designed to be as powerful as Microsoft Exchange, but provide simpler management which eliminates the need for an IT team

Kerio Connect was purposefully built with cross-platform functionality in mind. This allows users of ANY platform (Windows, Linux, Mac) to use ANY email client of their choice and it works with no issues!

When you consider the hardware & operating system requirements, IT cost, and  cross-platform compatibility alone, Kerio Connect proves itself a competitive solution!

Give Kerio Connect a try. Check out the 'Kerio Online Live Demo' and see how easy it is to set up accounts and access your email! Use the free trial of their Server Application and start your free 10 day remote Mac Mini with MacStadium!

-Jonny Brotherton

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