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Mac mini 2014 Tear-Down and Benchmarks

Mac mini performance

A couple days ago, Apple released its latest round of Mac mini hardware to the world. Today, we show you a complete step by step how-to tear-down the 2014 Mac mini from the outside-in.

Key differences vs. 2012 generation Mac mini:

  • Intel Haswell generation i5 and i7 CPUs
  • Dual Core CPU architecture.  No option for Quad Core.
  • Soldered on 1600Mhz Low Power DDR3 RAM.  No option to upgrade.
  • PCIe Flash Storage Available (adapter cable required from factory)
  • 802.11ac WiFi (not used at MacStadium)
  • No option for 2nd 2.5" internal Storage Device
  • (2) Thunderbolt ports
  • No FireWire 400/800

We will be announcing our new hardware lineup for our dedicated servers which feature the new 2014 hardware very soon.  Our first volume order has been accepted by Apple, and we expect delivery within a couple weeks.  For now, we still have about 100 of the 2012 i5 and i7 mini's in stock.  You may want to jump on a quad-core i7 while you have the chance.


From a performance perspective, its pretty obvious that Apple is doing some product line maneuvering.  The new i5 Dual Core options are about what we expected, and we will be offering these servers with 8GB RAM, and both 256GB Flash as well as 1TB Hard Drive capabilities.

As for the i7 Dual Core, it's not very often that the latest model under performs the previous model hardware...  Thanks Apple!  While we will offer i7 3Ghz with 16GB RAM, paired with various storage options, it is our new Mac Pro lineup that will be positioned to pick up where the 2012 i7 Quad Core models left off, in particular for power hungry enterprise applications, and cloud solutions.

Estimated Mac mini performance

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