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MacStadium #32 Top 100 Fastest-Growing Company in Atlanta

Pacesetter award

MacStadium is excited to announce that the company ranked number 32 on the Atlanta Business Chronicle’s Pacesetter list of the top 100 fastest-growing companies in the metro area, released today. To qualify, a business must be based in the Atlanta metro area, experienced a two-year growth in sales of more than 50%, and garnered revenue between $1 million and $300 million in 2019. MacStadium experienced 211.4% growth in this two-year period.

This is the fourth year that MacStadium has appeared on the Pacesetter list of fastest-growing companies, up from #39 in 2019.

The Pacesetter awards rank companies by a growth index formula to even the playing field among businesses of various sizes. The revenue and employee growth indexes are the percent change from 2017 through 2019, multiplied by the absolute change for the same years. A company’s average employee or revenue growth index is the growth index divided by the average growth index of all companies that qualify. The weighted average growth index is a company’s average employee index score, plus its average revenue index score. Employee growth was weighted 40% and revenue growth was weighted 60%.

To see the full list, visit the Atlanta Business Chronicle website at

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