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MacStadium Travels to Dublin Tech Summit

Dublin Tech Summit

For our first big event of 2017, MacStadium is heading to Dublin, Ireland for the inaugural Dublin Tech Summit. A two-day event covering Feb. 15th and 16th, it's a fantastic opportunity to connect with tech leaders, startups, and independent developers from around the globe in a beautiful, tech-friendly city. We can't wait for it to get started.

Growing international interest in Mac hosting

This isn't our first time in Dublin. We launched our first European and international data center in Dublin last year with the help of the IDA. Thanks to the strong tech community in Europe, we're seeing incredible growth there. 

Attending the Dublin Tech Summit next week is a perfect opportunity to connect in person with many of our customers. We also hope to reach an audience that we know we can help grow.

Does Mac hosting work for large companies?

Yes. The resounding answer we've heard from our diverse customers - including Uber, Unity, Travis CI, and Litmus - is that our Infrastructure-as-a-Service solution for Mac servers is the best way to scale Mac-based SaaS solutions and iOS app development and testing. 

Our one-of-a-kind hosted Mac private cloud solutions have been a huge hit. For example, you can create dozens or hundreds of macOS virtual machines to build, test, and deploy new iterations of their iOS and cross-platform mobile applications daily. Considering the popularity of agile development practices and the shift to mobile applications, we're rapidly iterating to make this the best solution for bootstrapped, funded, unicorn, and fortune 100 organizations.

See you at the show!

MacStadium will have a booth at the show with staff available to discuss the possibilities dedicated Mac hosting can offer in any of our data centers. (Bonus points for deploying Mac servers in Dublin.) We're ready to explain why it makes more sense to let us manage your Mac infrastructure rather than leaving it in a closet or corner of your data center. 

If you're heading to Dublin Tech Summit and want to talk about Mac hosting, let us know on Twitter or message us through our website. Don't hesitate to drop by our booth, either; we'll make it worth your time!

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