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A new virtualization layer for Mac build infrastructure.

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Moving from Amazon to MacStadium?

Moving from AWS to MacStadium

The case for shutting down your Amazon EC2 VPS instances and moving them to dedicated infrastructure is now more palpable than ever!

With the help of Apple’s Mac mini and Mac Pro, we are able to greatly reduce traditional data center operating expenses via the low power consumption, low heat output, and minimal square footage requirements that these servers deliver.  These savings are in turn passed along to our subscribers as scalable end-to-end managed solutions.

More and more, even largest of enterprises are making the switch, and realizing both a significant cost savings as well as unprecedented performance improvements delivered by these highly efficient and robust dedicated server infrastructure platforms.

Regardless of their OS requirements, these servers are a fantastic, incredibly reliable standards-based Intel computing platform.  In fact, of the thousands of Apple Mac servers running here at MacStadium less than half of them are running OS X.  That's right – the majority are actually running a Windows variant, or VMware ESXi hypervisors – allowing a single Mac server to run OS X, Windows, and Linux variants all in parallel – with ease!

See what one of our customers, Litmus is saying about their partnership with MacStadium:

To support the increasing demand for these solutions, as well as the growth roadmaps of our largest clients, we have recently opened up Phase II of MacStadium which features Version II of our Mac mini racks – each housing 460 servers.   In total, Phase II will support over 10,000 servers including Mac mini, Mac Pro, as well as traditional private cloud infrastructure including HP Blade Servers and SAN solutions from NetApp and EMC for customers who need a mix of cloud infrastructure solutions all under a single roof.

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