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New Mac Pro Hosting and Colocation will be here soon!

Mac Pros

A week ago, Apple announced the stunning New Mac Pro line which features a radically new 'miniature' form factor that we believe is absolutely perfect for deployment into high-density server hosting environments like MacStadium.

Mac products have earned their reputation of being ultra reliable, compact, and eco-friendly while at the same time being a tried, and true high performance computing platform that is suitable for many applications. That being said, the iMac, MacBook, and Mac mini's have had some limitations due to their mobile grade CPU's and inherent RAM limitations either related to the i5 / i7 architecture, or the # of physical RAM slots which Apple provided on the system boards of these devices. 

In the world of hosting and colocation, the Mac Pro's have never really been very popular because of their large physical footprint, high power draw, and slightly-aged architecture. And you can forget about the XServe's; the only model slightly worth consideration are the 2009 Nehalem CPU models; and those are almost impossible to find since Apple stopped producing them on January 31, 2011.

Fast forward a couple years, and now Apple has announced its new Mac Pro computing platform which is very worthy of admiration, and has been designed using the latest and greatest server grade components from Intel.  This new core architecture is more than enough to stand up to anything that HP, Dell, or IBM has to offer; and is sure to challenge anyone's conception that there are server limitations inherent in this Apple Mac.

We are confident that the new Mac Pro will grow to become a widely adopted favorite - spanning the entire computing industry for all the same reasons that iPhones and iPads have crossed over into the hands of even the most astute 'non-Mac' users. Here are some of the reasons why:

  • Next generation Xeon E5 CPU's in with up to 12 physical cores total.
  • Up to 128GB of Quad Channel 1866Ghz ECC RAM @ 60 GBps of memory bandwidth.
  • PCIe (PCI Express) Flash Solid State Storage @ 1.25GB/s read, 1.0 GB/s write.
  • Dual ATI/AMD FirePro GPU's with 6GB of VRAM
  • Small, Economical 6.6" x 9.9" Form Factor, and minimal power draw.
  • Run any OS including OS X, Windows, CentOS, Ubuntu, and Virtualization platforms.

For data center operators like us, the costs of operating are significantly driven by the cost of data center floor space (square footage), the cost of power, and the cost of air conditioning. Apple products have always adapted themselves to greatly reducing these costs. At MacStadium, we are are able to facilitate 240 Mac mini's per eight square feet with a total power draw of less than 30AMPS @ 110VAC - that is about 1/6th the space and power utilized by traditional 1U rack servers.  The reduced operating costs are then passed on to our subscribers in the form of hosting and collocation services at a fraction of the price typically associated with such platforms by other dedicated server hosting companies.

Mac Pro data center rack

The new Mac Pro hosting and collocation services which are soon to be available from MacStadium will continue the tradition of embracing Apple's highly engineered and ultra efficient computing designs.  Our custom data center infrastructure is created to extend and maximize the concepts which Apple has put forth while leveraging the high end enterprise hosting capabilities and support that MacStadium has become known for:

  • 270 Mac Pro servers per POD in only twelve square feet of data center floor space.
  • Pressurized POD environment - maximizing the Mac Pro's unified thermal core.
  • Redundant (A+B) cooling, power, and security systems in SSAE-16 & PCI certified facility.
  • A full Gigabit of internet connectivity for each Mac Pro via a 50GBPS network backbone.
  • Enterprise SAN Storage from EMC, plus firewall & load balancers from Cisco Systems.
  • Live 24x7 technical support backed by our team of engineers and specialists.

As soon as Apple makes the new Mac Pro available, we will be ready to start filling our first Mac Pro POD.  Just like the 1200+ Mac mini servers here at MacStadium, Mac Pro servers will be available as a monthly subscription, or with colocation - all at the industries lowest price points.

If you are as excited as we are about the possibilities that these new Mac Pro servers will bring to the rapidly changing world of dedicated server hosting and colocation then you may want to consider getting starting today with a high-end Mac mini subscription.  When the new Mac Pro's arrive, you can convert your Mac mini subscription into a Mac Pro subscription without any penalty.  We will even assist you by migrating your data free of charge!

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