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OSX 10.8 & 10.9 Headless GPU Enabler Comparisons

GPU Enablers

Have you ever wondered how to increase your remote desktop performance with your hosted Apple Mac Server running OSX here at MacStadium?   Did you know you can easily change your remote desktop resolution to a variety of choices which will best suit your requirements?  From 800x600 to 1080p and beyond, we have solutions that will enable them all!

GPU Enablers

We stock both Display Port and HDMI enablers.  These hardware dongles will trick OSX on your hosted Mac server into thinking that a monitor is plugged in even though the Mac server is in fact "head-less" meaning there is no monitor at all.

Beyond having more resolutions to choose from, you will also notice a much improved responsiveness of your remote desktop experience due to the Graphics Coprocessor (GPU) now being enabled.  These enablers act differently depending on the version of OSX software you are utilizing.

Display Menu

For a full demonstration of these solutions in action, check out our How-To video on the subject which reviews all of these solutions in both OSX 10.8 and 10.9 including the effects of the Display Menu App which enables additional options, and single click access to changing your Display Preferences.

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