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A new virtualization layer for Mac build infrastructure.

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Partner with MacStadium for Mac CI hosting

Mac Pro Rack

creates a powerful environment where companies can setup infrastructure for code testing that will assure speed and reliability.

In addition to large private companies, we also work with CI SaaS providers. We can help you start or scale your macOS and iOS options. Below are a few options you might consider for partnering with us.

OS Selection

Provide an image we preload for customers

When a customer signs up for a Mac mini or Mac Pro server, they can choose from many different operating systems to run. By default we install the latest version of macOS, but other options include earlier versions of OS X, Windows and ESXi. 

If your company would like to build an image that comes pre-loaded with your CI tools and software, we can provide that as an option for new customers. You could simply direct your customers to select a server with us and choose to install your provided image. Once provisioned, they can input their license/keys from you. 

Hopefully a low setup barrier will help your customer commit and start quicker with your product.

Refer your large accounts for a private cloud

Mac Pro rack

You may have some clients who need to scale to get better performance, but they don’t have the budget to buy, rack and maintain a large fleet of Macs right now. With this in mind, they get along with current infrastructure and perhaps it’s “just enough." 

Sometimes this can lead to a subpar performance as resources (people and machines) are stretched thin. It may also apply an added stress to the budget and business of your client. We can help. 

We can build a private cloud that is infinitely-scalable and we can usually save the customer money as well.  

to keep the infrastructure up and running.

Build a cloud that you can sell to customers

Powered by MacStadium

As we search forums and reviews of CI companies, customers are constantly asking “Will you provide a hosted service for iOS?” and the answer is so often “We hope to in the future, but not right now.” 

Well, welcome to your future. 

We’ll work with you to build a scalable private cloud for macOS and iOS builds. We have experience that we can share with you to provide great results. You can then use this product to sell a hosted service to your customers and generate revenue. 

How else can we help?

If any of these options sound interesting to you,

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