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How Rabbit Utilized MacStadium to Reach a Worldwide Audience


More people than ever are taking advantage of the internet to get in touch with and share moments with friends, family, and colleagues. Rabbit has created one of the most innovative products in the communication segment with their social sync-viewing platform. Rabbit's team of engineers developed a fantastic solution by taking advantage of our enterprise Mac and Blade Server Infrastructure-as-a-Service solutions.

Early development and deployment of Rabbit's platform took place on dedicated Mac mini machines before Rabbit's exponential growth meant shifting to blade infrastructure. Rabbit's team took advantage of the knowledgeable support and strategic planning we offer to all customers for free.

Our teams have learned a lot from each other about how startups grow and succeed since Rabbit joined MacStadium and got their first Mac mini subscription. We hope that by sharing this case study with you, you'll learn more about what makes both of our passionate teams tick.

"Rabbit and MacStadium found each other at exactly the right point for us to push each other ahead in the directions that we planned to go." - Michael Temkin, Rabbit CEO

This case is one of the more unique solutions we've worked on in the past few years. We don't often get to witness a startup grow like Rabbit has so it's been a treat partnering with them. Check out our case study and see how they grew on a Mac mini solution and migrated to blade infrastructure without issue thanks to our dedicated engineering team and network infrastructure. Learn how Rabbit succeeded by partnering with MacStadium.

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