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Rookout: Automated macOS App Testing with a Mac mini

Rookout logo: Automated macOS app testing on a Mac mini

MacStadium offers the widest variety of macOS compute resources in the cloud. In addition to our three distinct virtualization solutions, we also offer dedicated, bare-metal Mac minis in the cloud, which the members of the innovative MacStadium community are using for some incredible projects. In 2021, we’re continuing to highlight these trailblazers who are leveraging the powerful Mac mini at their organizations to make magic happen. Interested in having your project featured? Let us know!  

About Rookout

Rookout is a platform that offers rapid production debugging. The platform helps developers track down issues in production code without additional coding needed. Rookout lets developers get any piece of data from any line of code instantly, whether it is running locally, in production, in the cloud, or on-premise. Moreover, it offers support for a wide variety of languages and frameworks including Java, Python, Node.js, and .NET (Core & Framework).

Screenshot of Rookout

Team and Workflow

As a startup, Rookout has a core team of about fifteen developers and runs their development with CI/CD in mind first. No release cycle is executed manually, and like many organizations, they use Jira and GitHub PRs to track changes. This small but strong core team is able to support many programming languages because they have embraced the pursuit of both breadth and depth of expertise from the start.

Running CI/CD for Mac

“At first, we didn’t have automated CI/CD for Macs due to the difficulty of testing on Macs and the perceived lower importance of testing on an environment that simulates a dev's machine,” said Maor Rudick, Marketing Manager at Rookout.

Rookout needed a way to automate testing of their macOS product in order to ensure that it performed on users' local machines in the same way that it performed in Rookout’s production environment (which was usually Linux). Rookout signed up for a Mac mini at MacStadium in order to run CI/CD for Mac versions of Rookout, which helped them to discover a few issues that were quickly resolved. This resulted in new customers' having a better first impression of Rookout for Mac.

Working with MacStadium

“Honestly, it just works. We haven’t had any issues with our mini, and it's been maintenance-free since we've first set it up,” said Rudick. “We’ve got no complaints, honestly.”

In Good Company

Like many of our cloud customers, Rookout has a tight-knit development team that turned to MacStadium for a simple, secure way to run CI/CD for Mac versions of their flagship product. Have a good story about building for both Mac and Windows? Let us know!

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