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The Future of Enterprise Looks Apple-Shaped


When Apple talks, consumers listen. That's the message we hear so often these days.

When Apple talks, the tech world listens. That's the message Wired shared several days ago after the annual BoxWorks Conference hosted by Box, the secure content and online file sharing system for businesses.

“You know you’re at an enterprise software conference, right?” joked Box CEO Aaron Levie to Tim Cook at the event. The world couldn't be more excited to hear that Apple's chief executive is speaking at enterprise technology conferences.

Increasingly, the technology industry is seeing a growth in demand for business-ready mobile infrastructure. Apple, not necessarily by choice at first, is becoming the leading distributor of mobile devices for businesses as more and more companies shift to using Apple devices. I say not by choice because this shift has been occurring for several years without any direct push from Apple. While they have slowly begun supporting the movement more completely, businesses themselves decided Apple hardware would lead their mobile future.

What does it mean to use Apple hardware in the enterprise? It means full-featured devices meeting realistic demands and workloads 24/7 around the globe. It means industry-leading hardware matched up with reliable software that won't fail on the job. It means support channels locally and remote to cater to customer needs on a global scale. It means businesses being able to say 'We're an Apple company'.

At Boxworks, Tim Cook was quoted saying, "You wouldn't say, let me go buy an enterprise car. You don't get an enterprise pen to write with". We agree.

Here at MacStadium, we believe in creating a positive relationship between Apple hardware and the enterprise. We manage thousands of Mac computers in our custom-designed data centers for businesses around the world in need of enterprise-class environments on Apple hardware. Why Apple hardware? Because businesses love using one of the best hardware platforms available to develop and deploy fascinating new technologies to the world.

Other companies are following this trend. Microsoft now offers the latest Office apps on iOS devices. IBM is building a partnership to develop and distribute apps for business users on iOS devices. BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) policies are abound in the corporate world as more and more consumers use their Apple devices at work and home. The work-life balance is being simplified as more users decide Apple makes the right product for work and life. Consumers win as more businesses switch to Apple hardware.

What's better than businesses using OS X on Apple hardware at MacStadium to develop exciting new software? Businesses running OS X, Windows, and Linux on Mac hardware in the cloud at MacStadium to support their entire company's needs. We know that businesses often have enterprise needs on every major operating system so we offer them all on one platform. That's why we're the first enterprise hosting provider to offer it with VMware on Mac hardware in the data center. MacStadium wants your business to thrive no matter the software used while taking advantage of dedicated Mac hardware and enterprise-class infrastructure backing it all up. Our infrastructure-as-a-service model for Mac hardware has allowed companies like Travis-CI to reach new customers with this model.

What does the future hold? It looks bright for businesses using Apple hardware. As more and more businesses move to Apple hardware for mobile, everyone in the enterprise will benefit.

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