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There's a New Mac Pro Coming to MacStadium

Mac Pro

Announced earlier this year during WWDC, the new Mac Pro is officially available to order today. Touted by Apple as "extreme in every way," this new Mac Pro is indeed focused on performance, expansion, and configurability.

As with every new release, MacStadium was first in line to get our hands on the latest and greatest Apple hardware. We will start testing Orka on 12-core and 24-core versions of the new Pro, along with a review unit coming from Apple. We should be learning quite a bit in the next couple weeks, and we'll keep everyone updated as we start integrating the new Mac Pro into MacStadium data centers.

We already have Orka running on the 2018 Mac mini and will begin rolling out Orka clouds built on the 2018 mini next month. We're excited to see how Orka performs on this new Mac Pro as well.

Keep an eye on the blog and follow @MacStadium on Twitter for updates.

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