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True 100Mbps Internet Performance!

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Just about every day, we get asked.. "Exactly how fast does the Internet connection that MacStadium provides to every Mac mini really operate?"

The answer is that we deliver exactly what we advertise - a 100Mbps Wide Open Upstream and Downstream internet connection directly to every Mac mini seated at the MacStadium datacenter facility.

Why is this a big deal? Quite simply, the more bandwidth you have available, the more you can do with your Mac mini, and the more consistant and enjoyable the experience will be for the end users who are connecting to your hosted Mac mini.

  • Get the most of the Mac mini's incredibly powerful Intel i5 Dual Core or i7 Quad Core architecture, and 16Gb DDR3 RAM Capabilities.
  • Install and run not only OS X, but also CentOS, Ubuntu, Windows, and even bare metal virtualization platforms like VMWare ESXI directly on your mini!
  • Leverage the headroom of a 100Mbps Upstream connection for hosting dozens of Web Sites, Hundreds of Audio Streams, thousands of remote users' mobile devices, or a plethora of players in a multi-player gaming environment.

MacStadium is truly delivering an unparalleled Mac hosting network environment to every subscriber via dedicated Gigabit and 10 Gigabit Tier 1 Upstream Internet feeds directly to the public Internet and major peering points throughout North America.

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