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Where to Be at WWDC

WWDC 2019

WWDC is almost here. It seems that more and more events are planned in and around San Jose for this big Apple event. In years past, we have put together a list of WWDC events and parties. But this year, there’s an app for that. Actually, there are two apps.

Parties for WWDC

Parties for WWDC is a yearly favorite. This app “is an aggregator of developers parties happening in San Jose mostly exclusively for participators of WWDC 2019.”

Events near WWDC

Events near WWDC is another new option for this year. It has a wonderful design that matches the Apple look for this year. The app has descriptions, links to tickets, maps, etc.

Where to find MacStadium

As usual, MacStadium will have a big presence in San Jose and this year we have a whale of an announcement to make as well. Come and see us at the following events:

AltConf: We will have a booth right at the top of the escalator, our usual (and favorite) spot. Monday night, we're hosting happy hour, so come have a drink on us! On Tuesday, Chris, our SVP of Software Development  will offer a lightning talk at 10:15am to share more about our new software offering, and we're hosting a CI best practices panel session at 4pm with Daniel Hagen, Director of IT for Aspyr Media, Debayan Majumdar, Sr. Mobile Tools Engineer at Pandora, and Peter Steinberger, CEO of PSPDFKit.

You can still signup for AltConf here.

The Talk Show Live: We’re excited to, once again, be sponsoring this event. This show one of the highlights of the week. Tickets will be available soon.

(Tip: Last year, we had one extra VIP ticket in the front row. Be sure to follow @MacStadium on Twitter in case that happens again…)

Swift Over Coffee Podcast: We will sponsor this wonderful lineup as they do a live show as part of AltConf. It will be Wednesday afternoon. Tickets can be found here.

RelayFM Live Podcast: Once again, we will be supporting the team at RelayFM. This event will take place Wednesday evening and always makes for a fun evening. There are a limited number of tickets still available here.

We look forward to a good week. See you there.

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