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As iOS becomes more powerful, and screens get larger and larger, many people are traveling with just an iPhone or iPad. That’s awesome. And that’s probably the future for many. 

But sometimes it’s nice to have a Mac that can run certain apps, complete specific tasks, or just be the repository for backups and data. Luckily, you don’t need to choose between one or the other.

With the iPad Pro, and all of that screen space, it’s real simple to keep one app in Split View and also manage your macOS installation on a hosted Mac mini. As you interact on the Mac, the screen will respond like it's sitting in front of you. When you’re done, just close the app and you’re back into iOS full time. 

Screens is a great app that makes it easy to control your Mac from anywhere in the world. (Also works on Windows computers if you dabble on that side.) Here is a short video with romantic music to show how iOS and macOS can coexist with each other.


You can also use nice automation apps like IFTTT or Hazel where you can trigger something on iOS and have your Mac respond. For instance, use iOS to put a large video in dropbox. The Mac can be watching that folder, receive the video, then move it out of your dropbox folder to save your space. At that point, the video is off your iOS device and on your Mac in a secure data center

If you’re using iOS and a remote OS X machine in a creative way, we’d love to hear about it. Tweet us @MacStadium. If you haven't tried a Mac mini in the cloud yet, we offer a free trial. We have plenty of Mac minis available, and adding more all the time:

Six months in the new Las Vegas data center and we need more Mac mini space. Building racks for 1400 more. Join us: — MacStadium (@MacStadium) March 3, 2017

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