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CI Changes with Catalyst

Apple highlighted Catalyst’s new features and increased functionality at WWDC. When mass adoption hits, there will need to be some changes to Mac-related CI workflows.

July 2019
July 2019
Ephemeral builds

Benefits of Ephemeral iOS Builds

Mobile DevOps has unique challenges especially when building for the Apple platform. In this post, we will cover the process of self-managed iOS builds and benefits of using ephemeral builds.

June 2019
June 2019

MacStadium + Ansible are Making Life Easier for DevOps Teams

Provisioning your Mac cloud virtual machines for macOS and iOS CI just got easier. MacStadium engineers have put together some example Ansible scripts for provisioning your CI build environment.

May 2019
May 2019
AppDynamics APM

User and Customer Experience for All

Without users for the platforms we build, even the most groundbreaking applications can quickly turn into shelfware. Humans, of course, can be unpredictable and demanding but—love or hate them—they’re the reason we build platforms in the first place.

January 2019
January 2019

Speeding Up Xcode Builds

As projects grow, build times can become problematic. However, there are several tweaks you can make to Xcode that can decrease the amount of time it takes for builds to complete without any extra work.

September 2018
September 2018

NuoRDS is a scalable terminal server for Mac

There is a new terminal server option for Mac. It is called NuoRDS. It is simple to install, has a number of options and is quite well developed.

December 2018
August 2017

How to Add iCloud as a Git Repo

What if you could use Apple's iCloud to store a local copy of your code and have it available on any of your Apple devices as well? This is certainly possible.

April 2018
December 2016
Mac Pro Rack

Partner with MacStadium for Mac CI hosting

Over the last year, MacStadium has seen tremendous growth by offering Mac servers for development and continuous integration.

April 2018
December 2016
VMware ESXi Management from a Mac

Managing VMware ESXi with Just a Mac

In early 2016, VMware began including the embedded HTML5 host client for managing ESXi in version 6.0 U2 from your web browser. It’s a great solution for users getting started with a dedicated Mac.

November 2018
December 2015

Choosing the Right Tool for Continuous Integration and Development

Many MacStadium customers take advantage of the fast internet connection and strong performance of one or more Mac mini’s to outsource CI and CD build server duties.

April 2018
October 2015
Science in Virtualization

Science in Virtualization: Efficient Deployment with Clean Room VMs

Science is difficult. Developing a strict testing system for a science experiment that is repeatable in other lab environments is even harder.

April 2018
September 2015
Scrum Process

Survival of the Most Efficient: Intro to Agile Software Development

With the software industry moving forward rapidly and trends shifting, a delay in product release can be disastrous for a company.

April 2019
September 2015