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iOS Developer Survey Pt. 2 - Languages, Tools & Processes

UIKit is far and away the most popular tool for defining user interfaces for iOS apps. A whopping ninety-eight percent of respondents shared that they used UIKit in a project that has shipped in the past twelve months. CI tools: Fastlane, Jenkins, Bazel, and

Speeding Up Xcode Builds

always easy, but implementing Bazel for iOS and macOS builds was the specific focus of the 2019 BazelCon. All the talks are now on. YouTube. Additional Resources: Of course, these are only a few of the suggestions you can use to speed your Xcode build times

CI/CD Differences on Mac Infrastructure

perform. Being aware of this, several major companies have launched their own products to address this, and Apple is beginning to address this internally as well. Currently, contenders in this space are: Bazel (by Google)Please (by former Google staff)Buck