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iOS Developer Survey Pt. 2 - Languages, Tools & Processes

ninety-eight percent of respondents shared that they used UIKit in a project that has shipped in the past twelve months. CI tools: Fastlane, Jenkins, Bazel, and Buck. What CI tools are the most popular among all developers? The results show that while a

Benepass: iOS CI with Mac mini

their customers. From the beginning, Benepass’s lead engineer and chief technology officer, Kabir Soorya, implemented a strict CI and testing process to ensure quality and improve deliverability. For their iOS app, Benepass utilizes. fastlane. as their CI

MacStadium + Ansible are Making Life Easier for DevOps Teams

the installation of Xcode, Homebrew, Node.js 10 LTS, Java 8, Fastlane, and CocoaPods. Our example scripts allow you to provision a single VM, from which you can create a VM template that can be cloned time and again quickly and easily. They must be run on

CI Best Practices for iOS and macOS App Development

complete CI/CD solution, which means that we do automatically upload it to TestFlight and HockeyApp, which is our two primary distribution channels. We use Fastlane. How many of you are familiar with Fastlane here? Great. Most of you are. So, of course, we

Benefits of Ephemeral iOS Builds

software on the build server. In the case of iOS CI, this is typically Xcode and other custom software like CocoaPods, Carthage, Fastlane, etc. The common mistake that iOS teams make is to install software manually and update it whenever needed. In addition

Virtualizing macOS at Scale for iOS DevOps

process where we take an existing VM, we'll add new versions of Xcode and other tools that the developers need. A lot of our process is tied to use fastlane. So we'll provide a VM that enables developers to select the version of Xcode that they need for their