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iOS Developer Survey Pt. 2 - Languages, Tools & Processes

We’re back with Part 2 of our analysis of Dave Verwer’s iOS Developer Community Survey. In this installment, we talk tools - from Swift to Objective-C and from Jenkins to Bazel, here’s what developers are using.

Benepass: iOS CI with Mac mini

Benepass set up their iOS CI pipeline using a Mac mini at MacStadium. We spoke with the lead engineer and chief technology officer at Benepass to see how they leveraged their mini to grow their business.

MacStadium + Ansible are Making Life Easier for DevOps Teams

Provisioning your Mac cloud virtual machines for macOS and iOS CI just got easier. MacStadium engineers have put together some example Ansible scripts for provisioning your CI build environment.

Setting Up a MacStadium Hosted Mac mini as a Jenkins Build Agent

Follow this simple guide to add a MacStadium hosted Mac mini as a build agent to an existing Jenkins master.

CI Best Practices for iOS and macOS App Development

MacStadium recently hosted a panel on CI best practices at AltConf. It was an interesting discussion as the companies participating in the panel represent very different development teams and CI practices.

Benefits of Ephemeral iOS Builds

Mobile DevOps has unique challenges especially when building for the Apple platform. In this post, we will cover the process of self-managed iOS builds and benefits of using ephemeral builds.

Virtualizing macOS at Scale for iOS DevOps

MacStadium recently hosted a well-attended panel discussion on Virtualizing macOS at Scale for iOS DevOps with some of our top customers at VMworld in Las Vegas. Read on for highlights, a video, a transcript, and more.